We believe it should be easy to make sustainable choices in our everyday life. Even when it comes to candy. That’s why it was a natural choice to create a candy that’s not only organic and vegan, but also that doesn’t contain any palm oil or other unnecessarily nasties.

The result is a ridiculously delicious candy with a perfect chewy texture and lip smacking flavours. They’re so good, there’s always room for just one more…




Our Candy

We proud to be the only vegan and organic candy brand with production in Sweden.  We’ve made them ridiculously delicious, free from gelatine and other animal traces and as natural as candy can be. All our candies are vegan and made from natural and organic ingredients. They come in carefully designed small pieces, have the most wonderful flavours and the perfect chewy texture.

They’re so good, you’ll always be reaching out for just one more…  

Meet our Flavours


A real peach-punch of sun kissed peaches. A fruity flavour explosion with a taste of summer all year around!


A mind blowing flavour bomb of creamy caramel and sour fizz. This unique flavour combination will surprise your taste buds and have you reaching back for just one more!


We’ve captured the taste of real raspberry in these delicious jellies. Flavoured with raspberry goodness, these candy bites are ready to release their wild flavours.


Naturally flavoured blueberry candy with a sour sugary kick. It’s an intense flavour explosion and a must try for all you sour candy fans!