Super Tasty, Perfectly Chewy & Eco-friendly!

I've Always had a big sweet tooth

I'm Josefin, the founder of JOM, a mission driven independent. Swedish confectionery brand. I wanted to share my love for gummies and craft a better, tastier and more sustainable option to the traditional and conventional candy. I've always been a huge candy lover but after shifting to an eco-friendly lifestyle the gummies that I loved growing up wasn't cutting it anymore. I was missing a candy with clean ingredients, real flavors and with that typical Swedish chewy texture. So, that was it, my big sweet tooth set me off on a journey to create JOM, the first Swedish produced organic and vegan gummy candy.

SO... WHAT's UP WITH The NAme?

JOM is short for Just One More. But what's the story behind the name? Well, let me share a little secret. Picture this: after countless rounds of testing and tweaking, we finally perfected our recipe. As I savored the very first bite, I couldn't help but crave just one more... and then another... and another! And voilà, the name JOM was born out of pure indulgence and irresistible flavor. Get ready to experience the joy of Just One More – it's a taste you won't soon forget!


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