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Meet our flavours!


Juicy Peach

Made in Sweden

Chewy candy bursting with a real peach-punch!


Fizzy Caramel

Made in Sweden

Mind-blowing caramel candy sprinkled with sour sugar fizz.


Sour Blueberry

Made in Sweden

Sour candy bursting with flavour from perfectly ripe blueberries.


Wild Raspberry

Made in Sweden

Chewy candy with the perfect taste of sweet raspberries.

We're proud to be the only
organic candy brand with
production in Sweden

Consciously crafted from honest ingredients, the unique textures and tastes of our jellies means you can enjoy a chew (or maybe a few) without leaving your ethics behind!

We believe that sweet treats should be neat treats. Authentically Swedish, our purer candy range is bursting with surprising natural flavours. Consciously crafted from honest ingredients, the unique textures and flavours of our candies means you can enjoy a chew (or maybe a few) without leaving your ethics behind!

Med hållbarhet och kvalité är JOM ett godis i modern tappning där gelatin, gluten och palmolja har ersatts av endast ekologiska och veganska råvaror. Vårt välutformade recept är särskilt framtaget för att ge dig den bästa godisupplevelsen där både smak och konsistens är i fokus. Vare sig du gillar surt, sött eller mittemellan så finns det en unik smak att välja mellan!

JOM är galet goda, och som namnet intygar så är vårt godis så smarrigt att vi alltid sträcker oss efter Just One More….

Why JOM is both Good and Delicious!


All our products are certified Organic and there are no traces of artificial dyes. We would never use flavour enhancers, synthetic sweeteners or any other artificial nasties. When choosing JOM, you are guaranteed a genuine taste experience, where all colours and flavours come from natural organic ingredients.


We are proud to say that all our products are certified by the Vegan Society. This means that when choosing JOM, you are guaranteed that the candy is produced without any traces of animal substances and all Vegan and Vegetarian consumers can enjoy the sweets.

Gluten & Nut Free

Gelatine free sweets can often contain gluten. With JOM, you do not need to double check the ingredient list, our candy is always free from gluten. Neither do we allow any nuts into our production so you don't have to worry about any trace of nuts in our candy.

Palm Oil Free

Unfortunately, palm oil is used in most candy. Not only does palm oil contain quite high amount of saturated fat, the palm oil plantation also destroys nature. When you choose JOM, you are guaranteed a candy free from palm oil. Better for you, and better for the environment.

Find a store near you!

Search for your nearest JOM stockist on the map below. If you can’t make it to a store, you will find our online partners a bit further down the page. Can’t find a store near you? Get in touch and we’ll do our best  to make that happen! Wanna help us speed up the process, speak to your local, they tend to listen to customer like yourself!


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